House of Rejuvenation

For a complete dream vacation, we offer you the luxurious of our house, which exudes a peaceful, serene and relaxed atmosphere, the scent of pure nature tinged with aromas of native plants and herbs and where the pristine sea and mountain air blend to create a combination which is refreshing and rejuvenating for your health and wellbeing.

If you would like a complete break from the normal routine of life, we invite you to take up the opportunity to dine in our family restaurant “Mali Pariz”, within the Boutique hostel of the same name boutique hostel, 20 m away from Villa “Hacienda”, where we can prepare a sumptuous and varied breakfast to start off your day and to complete it, a delectable dinner of traditional Croatian food, freshly picked from Grandma’s garden or from the nearby OPGs (products from organic family farms). We will gladly adapt your meals to suit your palate, health, nutritional or dietary needs, or your lifestyle. To finish off the full taste of the evening, you can refresh yourself with a drop of homemade wine from our tavern.

What we are offering our guests?

Health, relaxation, rejuvenation of mind, body and soul are offered through various hydro massages in the water in our swimming pool (heated in winter). And you can also relax deeply in the hands of an expert therapist with a massage of your choice.
The proximity of the sea of 5 km does not prevent you from enjoying its beauty, swimming, active enjoyment of various water sports or long walks on beaches or promenades that extend up to 15 km by the sea.

Where is situated Grižane?

You can also experience beautiful vistas from the air, with the whole of the Vinodol (Valley of Wine) and Kvarner Bay in the palm of your hand, by flying a paraglider from a nearby mountaintop. For guests with an adventurous and sporty spirit, Vinodol offers countless walking,one that I have to single out is the Crikvenica-Tribalj route along the Dubračina river, biking and hiking trails, game hunting or fishing at the nearby lake.

An emerald green valley of peace and relaxation between the sea and the mountains, briefly described as "One step from the sea, two from the snow", will return you to your everyday life as a better version of yourself!

Learn where the inhabitants of Grižane came from and how they lived once upon a time through our traditional Vinodol heritage, which is rich and interesting, stemming from historical influences and the way of life through centuries. Lovers of history and cultural heritage can find it all in the numerous historical records found in quaint villages, churches, chapels, monasteries and forts where our ancients left their mark.

All this and many more interesting things about Grižane and Marušić can be experienced and tangibly felt if you visit us through any season, at any time of the year.
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