Hacienda (hereinafter the Hacienda) collects and processes personal data of the users of its services and takes all possible measures of adequate protection. The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as Policy) provides detailed information on the manner and reasons for the collection of personal data as well as the rights pertaining to Your information.

Personal data is considered to be any information on the basis of which the identity of a natural person can be identified. Please read this document to familiarize yourself with all the privacy guidelines under which Hacienda complies with national and European regulations.

By accessing and using the website (including but not limiting the review, transfer or storage of any service or site content) you accept all terms of use and consent to the use of your personal data According to politics.

Hacienda reserves the right to amend the Policy at any time. Hacienda commits to regularly complement this document in accordance with all changes and additions, and ensures the availability of the latest version of the document.

In its business, Hacienda uses the following personal information:

A) personal data such as first name, last name, address, social security date of birth, gender, contact details (email address and telephone number), handwritten signature, credit card details and bank account

b) Information on the use of Hacienda products and services, as well as information on user habits, such as length and period of stay

c) data collected using the so-called Cookies, and include information about the IP address from which the site is accessed, access time, etc. More about cookies in chapter five.

Hacienda may collect Your information in several ways:

A) directly – when booking accommodation and check-in at the property You are asked for certain personal information. If you provide information to other guests at any time, it is Your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the

b) indirectly – from agencies with whom we operate or from third parties

c) automatically – when accessing a company's website, certain information is automatically collected (with the help of cookies)

Hacienda will not keep Your personal data longer than necessary and will only process it for the purposes for which it was collected, in accordance with the Policy.

To keep Your data protected, optimum security procedures are used and access to personal data is only allowed to authorised personnel.

Hacienda collects and processes Your personal data for a number of permitted purposes. While in certain cases the data is collected with Your consent, in other cases there is a legal or other basis for data collection. Personal data is collected and processed without Your consent when necessary for the purpose of: the performance of the contract, the protection of Your key interests or interests of others, the exercise of official powers of the company, the need for legitimate interests of Hacienda – or Third parties when Your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms are not jeopardized.

Data Collection and processing are necessary for the performance of the contract. If The company does not have the necessary information, it cannot execute the contract and provide the requested services. Personal information is needed to manage bookings, check-in and sign-out, provide accommodation services, improve service quality, account billing, manage your loyalty programme, subscribe to newsletter, internal statistical processing Data and the realisation of the contract. Your personal data is processed internally, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

If Your Personal data is already stored in an earlier contractual relationship, Hacienda has a legitimate interest in using the stored data for the purpose of evaluating Your credit rating. Low credits may result in a refusal to conclude a new contract. Accordingly, high credits can result in special offers tailored to Your interests and needs.

Your data will be used only for the stated purposes, and the purpose of their use is to establish contact with You.

A) Right to Insight – you can request access to Your personal data and insight into the purpose and manner of their processing,

b) Right to rectification – if any of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, you may request their modification,

c) Right to erasure-you may request the deletion of Your personal data, but please note that there may be legal reasons that prevent immediate deletion,

D) The Right to receive – you may request the submission of Your personal data in a structured form,

e) Right to restriction of processing – you may request restriction of processing of Your data in accordance with applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection,

f) The Right to Object – You may object if you believe that Hacienda serves Your data illegally, for the legitimate interests of the company, the public interest or for direct marketing purposes. You have the right to invest at any time, and you can also contact the Croatian data protection Agency.

If you are using any of the above rights with obvious intent to misuse, Your request may be rejected.

Hacienda does not intend to collect and use personal data of minors. Parents and guardians have the right to have access to the child's personal data and may request their modification or deletion.

In Order to protect Your rights, Hacienda may request additional information to verify Your identity in case of doubt.

Web site is owned by Hacienda and uses cookies to improve its services.

Cookies help personalise the content of the page and adapt the information to Your needs, thus ensuring better use of the site. Cookies do not store information such as your name and email address, and you can always block their use by updating your Internet search engine settings.

You can decide On the permission to use cookies yourself, but it is important to note that they are necessary for the optimal functioning of the site.

By completing the forms on the website you guarantee the correctness of the data and give your consent to use it in accordance with the policy. Use the website solely at your own risk and Hacienda is not liable for any damages arising from the use of the website. Any copying, transmission, distribution, publication or modification of the content of the website is strictly prohibited.

The company operates under the laws of the Republic of Croatia.


In case of further questions regarding the collection and processing of personal data, the Commissioner for Personal Data protection is available at the e-mail address:
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